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14 Jun 2019

Have you ever held on to something from your past or is there something from your past which brings you pain? Does it hurt when all that you have been through in your life flashes in front of your eyes? Some people find it very difficult to let go of their bad memories. There are some memories which you can’t forget even if you try to forget them. If you want to let go of all these things and you want to move on you can use the emotional clearing method.

Emotional clearing is a method of healing that will help you let go of your past. It will not only help you heal emotionally but it will also heal you mentally and physically. It will bring so much emotional and mental peace into your body and your life that you will feel very relaxed. If you want to do this emotional clearing then here are some steps which will lead you to peace and calm.


A trigger is something which evokes some kind of negative emotions in you. Before engaging in the emotional clearing, you must find out what is it that experience or that incident which you desperately want to forget.
Embrace Negativity

To embrace your body’s negative emotions you must not resist them you should learn to embrace them with open arms. While you are embracing these negative emotions think that it is completely humane to feel these. In this way, you will feel much more relaxed, focus on how these negative emotions make your body feel.


Relax, don’t keep your muscles stiff. Let loose, take deep calming breaths. You have to be relaxed in order for these clearing to work.

Accepting your emotions

People often try to suppress some emotions or block them but this must stop if you actually want to clear your emotions. Let your emotions resurface instead of suppressing them accept them. Negative Thoughts

Humans tend to have a lot of negative thoughts in their subconscious mind. Don’t shut these thoughts out instead take responsibility for them, think that these are your own thoughts. Ask yourself why are you having these thoughts.

Follow the Sensations

After you are done accepting all your thoughts and emotions follow the trail of these sensations which will lead you to the root cause it can be anything maybe a traumatic incident from your childhood, Once the cause is found the healing will begin.

Witness your Sensations

Witness your sensations at their root cause allow everything to flow in and out of your body while embracing your inner self.

Releasing Emotions

Once you have found your trigger and have found the root cause of your negative thoughts and emotions, it is time for you to release your emotions in a way that does not hurt others. You can scream into a pillow to let out your frustration, work out in a gym to cool off your anger.

Step Back and Observe

Watch the situation from a different point of view. Step back from the situation and judge it without any bias. This way you will be able to let go of the triggered event.


If your trigger is a person then talk things out with him or her this will help you relax and move on, after all, every problem’s solution is communication.


While communicating look in the mirror, that is put yourself in another person’s shoes, it will help you empathize with the person and will also help you be honest with yourself.

Clear the Mirror

Take responsibility and free the other person from the blame. Think of what role you played in the negative feelings which are coming about and take responsibility.


This is the final step of your emotional clearing. Apologize for all the pain you have caused this will finally make you feel relaxed and happy. Emotional freedom technique will not only help you feel relaxed and calm but it will make you see the world from a whole different angle.

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